RONDA 200H Power is a high quality vacuum cleaner and dust extractor developed and produced by V. Brøndum A/S in Silkeborg, Denmark. This updated version of the classic 200H-model contains the latest motor technology with an enhanced vacuum capacity, lower sound level, and less power consumption.

RONDA 200H Power is designed for normal vacuuming and the collection of large amounts of fine or health-hazardous dusts produced in construction or any other industry where high levels of dusts are in the work environment.

  • Collects dust into a non-woven bag or directly into the tank
  • Easy cleaning of filter while operating
  • Continuous vacuuming
  • Low-noise operation
  • Power socket with automatic on/off switch
  • Available with separate air outlet
  • Motor soft-start
  • Acoustic alarm for warning of air flow decline

The filter system of the RONDA 200H Power incorporates a special Teflon coated self-cleaning RONDA multi-tube filter and a HEPA-filter which retains the very fine dust particles to ensure clean air is vented.

NEW FEATURE: RONDA 200H Power is now available with a wireless remote control for operation of the vacuum cleaner when connected to a battery powered tool. Read more here: RONDA -WA Remote Control

Article numbers:

82.06.1004 (standard – 110V)
82.06.1016 (standard – 230V)
82.06.1118 (230V – with RONDA -WA Remote Control)

Motor PMax./PNom 1450/1230 W
Collection capacity (bag/container) 14/16 l
Noise level <70 dB(A)
Size 795 x 430 x 450 mm
Suction capacity max. 3000 mmWC
Weight (without accessories) 15 kg