RONDA -WA Remote Control

When using a power tool connected to the power outlet of a vacuum cleaner/dust extractor, the vacuum cleaner automatically starts and stops when ever the power tool is turned on and off. The RONDA -WA Remote Control offers a similar function when using battery powered tools. The remote control is placed on the hose near the tool, and the user can now simply switch the vacuum cleaner on and off when needed.

As an additional feature, the RONDA -WA Remote Control is equipped with a visual alarm that lights up when the vacuum cleaner’s beeper alarm is activated due to low airflow. This typically happens, if the hose is blocked, the collection bag is full, or a filter is clogged and needs cleaning. The visual alarm is particularly handy when working in noisy sorroundings and/or wearing hearing protection, which can make it difficult to hear the acoustic alarm of the vacuum cleaner.

RONDA -WA Remote Control can be used with all RONDA 200H Power and RONDA 1800H Power machines manufactured after 1 January 2022, however a communication cicuit board must be installed in the vacuum cleaner (to be ordered separately, see data sheet).

  • Easily switches vacuum cleaner on/off when connected to battery powered tool
  • Including visual alarm for low air flow
  • Easy to operate
  • Robust design

Article number: 80.31.0020

Size: 39 x 75 x 21 mm

Weight (Incl. batteries): 60 g

Power consumption: 2 x AAA 1,5 V batteries