RONDA 1800H Power is a powerful class-H vacuum cleaner for fine and health-hazardous dust from for example concrete. You can use it as a regular vacuum cleaner or as a dust extractor connected to cutting or sanding machines. With built-in power outlet with automatic start/stop function for electrical tools.

RONDA 1800H Power is equipped with a large, hard-wearing multi-tube filter with Teflon coating and self-cleaning ability. A soft start function activates the powerful 1450W motor and reduces the power consumption during start-up, protection the motor as well as the electrical system.

The Longopac collection system with endless plastic bags makes the disposal of collected material quick and easy, and the emptying almost dust-free.

  • Multi-tube Teflon filter with self-cleaning ability
  • Easy cleaning of filter while operating
  • Power socket with automatic on/off switch
  • Bottom-emptying and Longopac collection system
  • Low-noise operation
  • Acoustic alarm indicates air flow drop
  • Motor soft start
  • Well suited as dust extractor for hand tools

NEW FEATURE: RONDA 1800H-L Power is now available with a wireless remote control for operation of the vacuum cleaner when connected to a battery powered hand tool. Read more here: RONDA -WA Remote Control

Article numbers:

82.06.1805 (110V – standard)
82.06.1801 (230V – standard)
82.06.1823 (230V – with RONDA -WA remote control)

A demonstration-video of the RONDA 1800H Power:

A demonstration-video of the RONDA tool adapter:

Motor PMax./PNom 1450/1230 W
Noise level <70 dB(A)
Size 1300 x 550 x 550 mm
Suction capacity max. 3000 mmWC
Weight (without accessories) 31 kg