RONDA 1800H Power with collection tank is a heavy-duty class-H vacuum cleaner with a 28 l steel container. Well suited for collection of large amounts of fine and/or health-hazardous dust.

The vacuumed material is collected into a robust metal tank, and the vacuum cleaner is emptied from the bottom by lowering a handle releasing the tank. It is possible to insert a plastic sack or a disposable container inside the tank for collecting the dust, or you can simply collect directly into the tank.

The latest motor technology ensures a high and stable suction capacity at lower power consumption and reduced noise level. The powerful 1450W motor is activated by a soft-start function which protects the motor and electrical system during start-up.

  • Power socket with automatic start/stop for electrical tools
  • Suitable as dust extractor for electrical hand tools
  • Multi-tube Teflon filter with self-cleaning ability
  • Filter cleaning during operation
  • Bottom-emptying and collection into steel tank
  • Motor soft-start
  • Beeper indicates air flow drop

NEW FEATURE: RONDA 1800H-C Power is now available with a wireless remote control for operation of the vacuum cleaner when connected to a battery powered hand tool. Read more here: RONDA -WA Remote Control

Article numbers:

82.06.1804 (110V – standard)
82.06.1804 (230V – standard)
82.06.1826 (230V – with RONDA -WA remote control)

A demonstration-video of the RONDA 1800H Power:

A demonstration-video of the RONDA tool adapter:

Motor PMax./PNom 1450/1230 W
Collection capacity (Container) 28l
Noise level <70 dB(A)
Size 1300 x 550 x 550 mm
Suction capacity max. 3000 mmWC
Weight (without accessories) 33 kg