Wet Injection System

Wet Injection System for Asbestos RemovalEnviro-Vac Wet Injection System has been designed and manufactured for the UK and European asbestos removal market.

The Enviro-Vac Wet Injection System conforms to BS 8520-1:2009 and is available in 110 or 240 Volt.

Constructed from tough polypropylene plastic, with strong seam welding throughout.

3-Stage Filteration.

The injection system consists of a 125-litre fluid reservoir tank mounted on a chassis fitted with heavy duty lockable castors and wheels to aid movement.

Fitted internally is a pump, a series of filters and pressure regulating devices to ensure the correct fluid delivery. Ancillary to the main part is a separate control box which reduces the pressure from the injection machine to 35 psi prior to delivery to the injection needles.

A cyclic timing device is fitted which enables the fluid to flow through the needles for a period of five minutes followed by a dwell time of five minutes, this allows the fluid to penetrate into the asbestos containing material, this function can be over-ridden for constant injection or spray application.

Product Code: N109

110 Volt / 1.0 Amps

240 Volt / 1.0 Amps

Noise level: <71 dB

Filtration Grades: 70 Micron

Dimensions: H90 x L59 x B90 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Material: Polypropylene

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