RONDA Carbon Filter for Air Movers

PCBs are harmful substances found in certain building materials. When renovating buildings, it is important to take measures to prevent the PCBs from being spread into the surroundings.

RONDA Carbon Filters remove PCBs from the outlet air of air movers (negative pressure units; NPUs). The filters are constructed to give the least possible resistance in the outlet air flow. This way, the suction ability of the air mover is not noticeably affected.

The RONDA Carbon Filter 3000/315 (photo top) is an in-line filter which is fitted with hoses at the intake and outlet. The RONDA Carbon Filter 4500/400 (photo bottom) must be placed outside the room, as the filtered air is released directly through the side of the filter to keep the pressure drop as low as possible. The filters are designed for max. 3000 m3/h and 4500 m3/h respectively and are applicable to the RONDA NPU models 1250, 2500 and 5000, as well as other brands with similar specifications.

The life span of the carbon filters depends on the frequency of use as well as the absorbed concentration. We recommend regular test measurements. Please note that the air that enters the carbon filter must be completely dust-free. Any remaining dust particles will damage the carbon and block the filter. The filtration ability of the air mover must therefore be at the highest.

The RONDA Carbon Filters come with a handy trolley with two swivel castors and two strong wheels for easy transportation. Connection hoses must ordered separately.

  • Efficiently removes PCBs from the outlet air
  • Applicable to all air movers (negative pressure units) with HEPA class H og H14 filtering
  • Easy connection with hose between the machine and the filter
  • Suitable for the RONDA NPU series.

Product codes:

RONDA Carbon Filter 3000/315: 84.37.7030
RONDA Carbon Filter 4500/400: 84.67.7035

Size 1350 x 620 x 610 / 630 mm
Weight (total) 44,5 / 42 kg

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