A powerful vacuum cleaner with front floor nozzle for vacuuming large areas such as warehouses, production halls, sports centres etc. The high-capacity front floor nozzle is easily lifted from the floor when passing door steps and other obstacles by pulling the handle near the steering grip.

The filter system of RONDA 2600H consists of a large Teflon-coated multi-tube filter and a HEPA filter (BIA Dust Class H) making the machine suitable for vacuuming large amounts of fine and/or health-hazardous dust found on e.g. unsealed concrete floors.

The multi-tube filter has a self-cleaning effect during operation, and further cleaning of the filter is carried out by means of a pressure compensation valve without having to take apart the machine.

RONDA 2600H is easily emptied from the bottom – the metal container is loosened by lifting up the handle above the container.

If you simply need an efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner which is emptied from the bottom, RONDA 2600H is also available without the front floor nozzle.

  • High collection capacity
  • Teflon-coated multi-tube filter
  • Continuous filter cleaning during operation
  • External filter cleaning with back-flush valve
  • Robust steel trolley frame
  • Low noise level
  • Static electricity dissipation
  • High-capacity floor attachment
  • HEPA filter (class H)
  • Long cord – large operation radius
  • Detachable bottom container

NEW! Watch our demo-video of the RONDA 2600H here:

Product No.
82.16.3094: RONDA 2600H – 3300 W / 110V
82.16.3097: RONDA 2600H – 3300 W / 230V
82.16.3083: RONDA 2600H – 3300 W / 380V
82.16.3091: RONDA 2600H – 3300 W / 230V without front floor nozzle

Voltage 230V / 210V
 3 x 1100 W
Collection capacity (bag/container) 25/35 l
Noise level <70 dB(A)
Size 1120 x 670 x 770 mm
Suction capacity max. 2550 mmWc
Weight (without accessories) 41 kg