LEV Welding Fume System

The LEV System is designed for extraction of welding fumes near the source (local exhaust ventilation), in order to avoid fumes spreading to the surroundings.

The machine is equipped with a variable suction control function so that the suction power can be adjusted to the type of task.

A built-in spark arrester stops sparks and embers that may occur in the welding process.

Visual and audible low flow alarm system.

H14 HEPA filtration.

Constructed from tough polypropylene plastic with strong seam welding throughout. Portable trolley with large castors to overcome obstacles. Lifting point of max. 0.23 tonne.

Inlet/outlet hoses and flexible funnel nozzel are included.

  • High efficiency 1000W motor
  • H14 HEPA filtration standard to 99.995%
  • Low flow warning indicator
  • Variable speed controlled
  • Disposable pod containing HEPA filter, filter bag and spark arrester
  • Manufactured from tough Polypropylene Plastic
  • Portable trolley with large castors
  • Supplied with 2 x 15m inlet and outlet hose
  • Supplied with flexible funnel nozzel with magnetic base
  • 32 Amp inlet socket
  • Flexible steel welding hose fitment.

Product code: N257

Motor: 2 x 1000W
Voltage: 110 V / 21 Amps
Air flow: 278 m3/h
Suction power: 2794 mmH2O
Noise level: <86 dB
Collection cpty.: 20 L
Filtration class: H14
Dimensions: H700xW350xL390 mm
Weight: 38 kg
Material: Polypropylene
Lifting point: 0.23 tonne

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