Enviro-Vac HV05 Safe-Change

Enviro-Vac H type vacuum cleaners are designed to meet all the needs and requirements for dealing with
hazardous materials. The vacuum cleaner will form a valuable part of any system designed to control hazardous and health endangering dust in the environment.

The safe-change vacuum comprises of two main parts, the motor housing assembly and a disposable HEPA filter Pod. The HEPA-filter Pod captures 99,995 % of all particles larger than 0,3 μm.

There are 4 locking clips fitted on the vacuum, this prevents accidental opening and ensures a positive seal for the Pod.

The vacuum is fitted with a low flow warning indicator.

The vacuum cleaners conform to the standard EN60335-2-69:2012.
Safe Change Pod

  • High efficiency 1000W motor
  • 110V or 240V
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • H14 HEPA filtration standard to 99.995%
  • Low flow warning indicator
  • Locking Clips
  • Manufactured from tough polypropylene plastic
  • Supplied with 32mm toolkit

Product Code 110V: N238
Product Code 240V: N230

Spare Pod Product Code: N239

Motor Single
Collection capacity 7 l
Noise level <83 dB
Size 385 x 395 x 225 mm
Suction capacity max. 2794 mmWc
Weight (without accessories) 9,2 kg

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