Enviro-Vac 2000 Air Mover

Enviro Vac 2000 Air Mover

Noise level <84 dB

Size 720 x 850 x 590 mm

Weight 47 kg

Airflow (ISO5801) 2000 m3/h*

Airflow (BS8520-2) 3000 m3/h*

Enviro-Vac 2000 Open Front Air Mover

The Enviro-Vac 2000 m3/h Open Front Air Mover is a medium unit, designed and manufactured for the UK and European asbestos removal market.

Fitted with a H14 HEPA filter.

Variable Speed controller.

Large manometer to indicate when the filtration system is becoming blocked.

Fitted with Aerofoil Backdraft Flaps, minimising airflow resitance on the outlet.

Robust transit cover held in place with 4 locking clips.

Constructed from tough polypropylene plastic, with strong seam welding throughout.

The Enviro-Vac 2000 m3/h is manufactured to BS8520, when an airflow test is performed as per BS 8520-2 annex A an airflow 3000 m3/h is recorded.

Note: (When the Enviro-Vac Airflow test Unit is used an airflow reading of 2000 m3/h is recorded, which is comparable to the reading achieved using ISO5801)

  • 2-stage filtration system
  • H14 HEPA filtration standard to 99.995%
  • Locking Clips & Lifting handles fitted.
  • Manufactured from tough Polypropylene Plastic
  • Fitted with castors

Product Code 110V: RE103

Product Code 240V: RE106

* Based on the latest airflow measurement technology there are strong indications that the test method used by BS8520-2 annex A is resulting in an airflow reading which is 30-40% higher than the actual air flow. Both BSI and HSE are looking into this matter. In the meantime we strongly recommend that you base any calculations for your required air extraction on the air flow rates according to ISO 5801.