Airflow Test Unit

Airflow Test Unit OpenEnviro-Vac have manufactured an Airflow Test Unit for the purpose of monitoring and recording the current airflow on an Air Mover.

The Unit is connected to the outlet spigot of the Air Mover via a built-in flexible hose. The unit is extended fully and secured into place with locking castors.

The Airflow Test Unit is self-zeroing and is ready to use after just a few minutes.

The digital display shows the airflow in m3/h* and the pressure in Pascals at the sample probe.

It is lightweight and portable, easily transported to site if required.

We believe that the unit will be a valuable asset to any operation that use Air Movers.

The Airflow Test Unit combines a measurement probe in conjunction with an airflow/velocity transmitter to display the airflow through the measuring ducting.

  • 110V or 240V options.
  • Manufactured from tough Polypropylene Plastic
  • Fitted with castors
  • Lightweight & portable

Size 670mm x 500mm x 460mm

Weight 15 kg

Spigot 300mm

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